Pop-up parks are temporary parks that transform derelict lots into vibrant, usable spaces the whole community can enjoy. YK Pop-Up Park will have semi-permanent landscaped areas and public installations created by your neighbours and friends. The idea is that, seemingly overnight, we will create a  communal space downtown that everyone can enjoy. 

Ecology North, in partnership with the City of Yellowknife, is building a new park space and running a city-wide pop-up park competition on the empty lot between the Gold Range Hotel and the Raven Nightclub. We are inviting Yellowknifers to get involved and bring more colour and joy to the downtown core. 





YK Pop-Up Park Site Plan_with SeaCan_cropped-01-01.jpg

Half of YK Pop-Up Park will be landscaped by Ecology North, and the other half will be built by the community. 

There are 5 Installation Plots (A to E) that you can submit ideas for by July 3rd. After a public vote, five winners will be announced on July 13th. Each winner will receive $500 and design support from Ecology North, and will build their idea by the end of July.

The shipping container will remain onsite and can be moved around onsite depending on the winning designs. You can alter the exterior of the container (i.e., murals, affixing objects, etc) as long as it does not interfere with the waterproof storage function of the container. Get creative, have fun! 


Come by anytime to see its transformation